Our Insight & Synthesis

Can Make A Difference

By asking “Where’s the ‘So what?’” we will make sure that you are provided with deep insight and synthesis, accurate and credible recommendations and support to shape and implement the solutions.


Why should our clients care about what we have to say?

We are a highly skilled team of senior executives with extensive relationships across the life sciences and health and social care sectors. It is important to us that we have existing roles in national and regional NHS organisations so that we have first-hand experience of their needs and priorities - we are not only consultants but also your customer base.

We are experts in pharmaceuticals, digital and medical technologies and have worked across a range of healthcare conditions including; cancer, diabetes, inflammatory conditions, mental health, immunisations and vaccinations, kidney disease and asthma.

  • Lindsey C – Founder and Director
  • Sam B – Executive Consultant
  • Darren – IT Consultant and Head of Digital
  • Carole – Health Economist
  • Sammy – Finance and Internal Audit
  • Lindsey D – Business Support
  • Stef – Graphic Design
  • Barkley and Peanut – Chief Moral Officers

We offer a range of services to meet your needs.

Healthcare Insights

Our services include: Healthcare insights and literature / policy reviews, market access and value propositions, commissioning and procurement etc.

Affordability Evaluations

Our services include: Budget impact models, health economic evaluations, business case development and service transformation etc.

Synthesis of Health and Social Care Data

Our services include: Health and social care dataset synthesis (HES, National Tariff Payment system, Primary Care datasets), peer review publications and thought leadership pieces etc.

Stakeholder Validation

Our services include: Customer validation, advisory boards, focus groups, freedom of information requests, surveys, patient advocacy and interviews etc.

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